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When families break, we help find resolution

The breaking of a family is never easy. When a relationship ends, hearts are heavy. And heavy hearts can lead to explosive battles, huge emotional and mental anguish, and overwhelming financial costs. Oftentimes, children are caught in the crossfire. There are tears, frustration, anger, and hurt all around. We see clearly when you cannot.

Our first priority is always the stability and safety of any children involved. Always. We work with you to find solutions that will support your broken family in finding a new and positive way forward through these hard times.

Ideally, we can arbitrate between two consenting adults with level heads and open hearts to come to a resolution that works best for all parties. However, if things get ugly (and sometimes they do), we will represent your needs and desires with fervor and guide you toward a court-ordered solution.

How much child support can I expect to pay and/or receive?

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