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Being charged with a criminal offence is a pivot point. We can help you move forward.

If you’re innocent, we are here to help you prove it in a court of law. If you’re guilty, we are here to help you negotiate a fair resolution for your crime. We are not here to judge; we are here to help you move your life forward from this dark time.

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Advice for the accused:

Youth Crime

When a youth is charged with a crime, there are four key questions that pop-up almost immediately, especially in a first offence situation. They’re caused by uncertainty and fear:

  • How is this going to impact my personal life and my job?
  • How will I pay for my legal defence?
  • How should I conduct myself before my case goes to trial?
  • Can I talk to my friends and family about my legal challenges?

We have answers and guidance for you. And we’ll help you navigate these stormy waters.

Impaired Driving/DUI

Defending impaired driving charges is a very technical area of practice, which requires a keen and detailed defence. Guilt and innocence often lie in the testing.

  • Was the test administered appropriately and in a timely manner?
  • How was the test administered and by whom?
  • What as the sequence of events at the police stop?

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence or impaired driving, let’s look at the facts of your case together.

Assault Charges

Most assaults involve people who know each other—acquaintances, friends, or family, and can negatively impact more than just the accused. An assault charge can impact custody agreements, access to children, family relationships, and work opportunities, all of which are life-altering.

We provide a competent defence from the first disposition of the charges to judgement day, aiming to minimally impact the whole of your life moving forward.


Fraud is a complicated charge that takes on many forms, often involves many people, and requires a thorough defence. Defending fraud charges is extremely challenging and very technical.

Contact us as early as possible in the process to discuss the circumstances of your charges so we can retrieve the right and relevant information from police from the very beginning.

Drug Related Offences

Drug-related offences are prosecuted by the Federal Crown Attorney. In our shifting legal landscape, sometimes offences occur from a misunderstanding of what is legal and not legal. Other times, taking or having the drug may not be an actual crime, but rather a sign of a serious health issue stemming from dependency.

When we defend against drug-related offences, we both challenge the charge (where appropriate) and consider and propose alternative measures of “punishment” and rehabilitation to help you move on from the charge and move forward healthfully.

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What do I do if I am arrested?

Ask to call your lawyer (our number is 905-523-6464) and stay quiet until we do. The first 24 hours are critical to your defence. So before your lawyer arrives, know this:

  • You have a right to remain silent. Practice this.
  • You have a right to call YOUR lawyer and to have a reasonable time to speak together.
  • You will likely only be able to have one conversation with your lawyer. The police only have to facilitate another call in certain circumstances.
  • If you choose to speak to duty counsel, you probably will not be able to call your lawyer later that night;
  • After you have spoken to your lawyer, the police can still interview you. DO NOT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING. No one is interviewing you to prove your innocence. Even seemingly irrelevant banter can be misused against you. Stay quiet.

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