Our company history


The succession of the Stanley M. Tick & Associates law firm begins in 1928, when Harold Minden opens his general legal practice in downtown Hamilton. Minden’s deep respect for a 450-year-old British-Canadian legal tradition, coupled with his expertise, dedication, and commitment to client service affords him a loyal clientele. He provides a wide range of services for many types of clients, including businesses, professional firms, and non-profit organisations. Over the years, his practice flourishes and becomes one of Hamilton’s most distinguished, not to mention comprehensive.

Mid 1950’s

Minden’s firm prospers greatly in the next 20 years, and through word of mouth he becomes one of Hamilton’s leading lawyers. By the mid 1950s, the growing clientele necessitates an expansion of the firm. Minden admits into the firm W. Maurice Dales, and his son-in-law, Stanley Tick, a promising young litigator having just completed his Articles of Clerkship under Justice Frank Weatherson of the Ontario Court of Appeal. Stanley Tick joined the firm to expand the areas of personal injury, litigation which was started by Harold Minden.


In 1969, Minden dies and Dales retired from the firm. Tick continues his father-in-law’s tradition of advocacy and client service, forming a partnership with Paul H. Ennis. The firm changes its name to Ennis & Tick and admits several new associate lawyers into the practice. The firm’s central focus remains on representing injured clients, but also shifts to include products liability cases. The practice continues to grow, and In 1978, Ennis & Tick builds and moves into an elegant, 3-story Greek revival office building a short distance from the city’s civic center.


Ennis & Tick remains one of Hamilton’s most prominent law firms for a decade and a half. In 1983, Ennis leaves the firm, and the name changes to Stanley M. Tick & Associates. Under Tick, an even greater emphasis is placed on the firm’s personal injury, professional negligence, and products liability specialties. Tick & his associates become known province-wide as leading experts in these areas. Within a few years, wrongful dismissal and employment-related cases become two more of the firm’s primary specialties.


Over the next 16 years, Stanley M. Tick & Associates grew to become one of the most distinguished firms of its type in Southern Ontario, carrying on Harold Minden’s tradition of exemplary legal counsel and service for each client, especially the individual whose legal interests might otherwise be forgotten.

Present day

Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, after a decade in private practice, joined Mr. Tick as an associate in 2007. Throughout his distinguished career Mr. Jeejeebhoy has never been one to shy away from challenging issues. Mr. Jeejeebhoy is an ethical and honourable champion. Mr. Jeejeebhoy purchased the assets of Mr. Tick’s firm in 2016, and continues the tradition of excellence under a new firm entity, PJKJ Law Professional Corporation.